Weekend Links 2013/04/27


yogurt panna cotta with walnuts and honey


Crossmedial bis in die Klinik: “About:Kate”

Shoebox Dwelling: Extend Bookshelf



Air Drive

Personal work by Renaud Marion.


Mimicry by Ilse Leenders

»Just like animals they adapt to their environment.« – Ilse Leenders


Modern Still Lifes by Alexander Kent


Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere

Personal work by New Zealand based photographer Chris Sisarich.


Magazine Table by Axel Bjurstrøm

Magazine Table by Axel Bjurstrøm for Design House Stockholm

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Studie Drei by Matthias Heiderich

Photography: Matthias Heiderich

Fake Polygon Structures by Clemens Behr

Fake polygon structures from wood and cardboard by Clemens Behr

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Rabbit Paper Head by Chloe Fleury

Rabbit Paper Head by French artist Chloe Fleury

More: www.chloefleury.com

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Glass Chair by Shiro Kuramata

Glass Chair by Shiro Kuramata, 1976

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Gullesfjord Weight Control Station

Gullesfjord Weight Control Station by Jarmund/Vigsnæs

Image Courtesy: Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects (via thedesignhome)

Ákos Major

Photographer: Ákos Major

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River Tower by Thomas Pucher and Bramberger Architects

»Our proposal was to combine the advantages of privacy, outdoor gardens and the boundless views that a single residential home offers with the low economic and maintenance costs of an apartment.«

Photography: Jaan Sokk, Lukas Schaller

I like the concept. Read more about it here:

Garden & House

“Garden & House” by Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa

Photos: Iwan Baan

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Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries

Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries by Jim Sanborn

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Apartment Building by Metaform Architects

Photo: Steve Troes

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Grassland #395 by Phil Underdown

Grassland #395

Photo: Phil Underdown

Dark Cities by Josh Poehlein


The Exchange Hotel / Amsterdam

The Exchange

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